Put a little, or a lot, of spice in your life

Cooking is like swimming. Everyone should know how to do it.

Whether you’re a beginner or consider yourself to be an excellent cook, there is always more to learn. Cooking classes are for everyone from kids to seniors, couples, groups, extroverts and they are particularly good for introverts.

I love taking cooking classes. Chef Tech’s cooking classes  in Long Beach CA, range from Kides cupcake baking parties to their intensive Culinary Arts Program. They also offer everything from Pro Baking to sushi making and a variety of special occasion, seasonal and cultural meals. The classes are fun, relaxed and yet intense in a laid-back sort of way. More importantly I learned more precise cooking methods, and convinced my non-detail oriented side, that in cooking, details are the key to excellent results. Students ranged from a 16-year-old chef-in-training to a 70-year-old gentlemen with a keen eye for culinary perfection, a newly married couple, beginning and skilled foodies of all flavors. They even have kids classes and summer camps!


Chef Teri’s energy and humor makes for an upbeat, social learning experience.

Chef Tech cooking school in Long Beach CA is a great place to take your first cooking class or to embrace a more in-depth culinary experience with their Pro classes for baking and their advanced series of culinary skills. I’ve enjoyed many cooking classes. My first cooking class was with Richard Ruben in his Manhattan, NY cooking.  The recipes were based on his Farmer’s Market Cookbook. The class began at Manhattan’s Union Square open-air Greenmarket. What I loved was his ease in getting his group of students immediately involved in choosing produce. He simply said, “if you see any vegetables or herbs that you aren’t familiar with, let me know. Chef Ruben bought whatever anyone pointed out and made up recipes on the fly at his Tribecca flat. My take awy, butternut squash soup I’ve cooked many dozens of times in dozens of ways and never been disappointed.

Fast forward to Abby’s Table, Portland Oregon’s darling of healthy, vegan, gluten free, social cooking classes and catering. Abby Fammartino’s healthy culinary classes have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a classy group meal following high-lighting the delicious healthy recipes we learned to cook that day.

The Farmer’s Market Cookbook

by Chef Richard Ruben

Abby’s Table Essential Sauces + Sides: Naturally gluten, dairy, and soy-free recipes to please every palate

By Chef Abby Fammartino


At the library


Update 1 year and 1 month later: I took these pics last year with my, then, new camera, a Nikon D53 with a 350 zoom. I have to say I am very impressed with these pics even a year later. They were the first pics I took.  I added and edited the soft, glowy effects in camera. I had never done this before and frankly, had no interest, but I am fan now!

Not an actual library, but a quaint if not a bit dowdy, coffee shop in Long Beach. I love everything about this coffee shop…except the coffee and the food. It’s a nice sized place with many seating areas scattered with antique/retro furnishings, outdoor seating and even book shelves with used books for borrowing or leaving.

quaint seating 1

Chilly Day on the Beach

Don’t believe all California beaches are warm all the time…

A chilly day at the beach

A chilly day at the beach

However, they are most of the time!

Cold day at the marina

Cold day at the marina

And then there is auto-art or bathroom art to be specific. These public bathrooms had very little to recommend them; no doors and only 3.5 foot walls, but there was this great art!

Race Car Bathroom art at the beach

Race Car Bathroom art at the beach