fairy trails

Filters can be a fun way to use images for a variety of projects.

These are all very mediocre shots I probably wouldn’t have used for anything in particular as shot, but re-purposed as illustrations, they look great.



falconry is not a lost hobby

Adam’s Falconry Service is a dynamic and complex service helping to control an over abundance of invasive species, such as rodents, in sensitive areas. Adam is not only a very likeable guy, his knowledge and experience is based on many decades of working professionally with falcons and other raptors. He’s fully licensed and his birds are obviously very well taken care of. Beautiful raptors worth seeing up close.

Just one of the many things to check out in San Juan Capistrano. He has scheduled public access for people to visit, become more educated, and even a chance to handle the birds.

Oregon Coast




Cliffs at the Oregon coast

Cliffs at the Oregon coast

While it may be cold, windy and stormy much of the time at the Oregon coast, you can’t beat the scenery for spectacular views, wildlife and nature scenes.


Dark Cat in LightBox

Gracie Green Eyes 150ppi

Everyone knows what cats do. They wait until you are intensely involved in something then they place themselves at the heart of your focus. I was kitty sitting for a friend whose cat, Gracie, I adore. Since she was so intent on being my model, I decided to go with the flow and ate my meticulously arranged meal display instead.

The filter that created the interesting look is from Topaz called Fur & Feathers.

Fairy Tale Clouds are Real

During a late summer trip to Big Bear Lake, CA, these clouds were slowly drifting over this diminishing lake where a flock of white pelicans found refuge on a shallow mound in the center. I have not changed the clouds in any way except to balance the lighting and saturation in LightRoom.

Fairytale Clouds

Same scene different vision.

Fairy Tale Lake 2

Monkey Mind – Out of Africa

This particular image is from Michael Kitahara’s trip to southern Africa July 2013. This year, July 2014, right now, he is in northern Africa on a photoshoot. This years target is to get even better animal shots as well as more cultural and people shots. I haven’t heard from him for a week and only three times since he left nearly three weeks ago, but I trust he is well and enjoying himself immensely! Wish I were there. Maybe next year.

I loved this monkey as it was just lounging, apparently, thoughtfully studying Michael as he shot off a few pics of this serious guy.

I realized after looking closer this individual seems to have breasts, so it’s probably a gal that had a baby…hopefully grown enough to be away.

A sober discussion man to monkey.

A sober discussion man to monkey.

 This pop-out technique is one I learned to do in Photoshop.

I wanted to do something more colorful with this image so I framed it with an African sunset from the same safari and embellished it with a frame etc.

Serious Monkey Serious Sunset

Serious Monkey Serious Sunset

The sunset framing this image is stunning.

African Sunset 2013