save our farms

Africa 2013

New England Farm 2014

Our small farms are struggling.

I find myself automatically saying, “our” farms whenever I’m speaking or writing about the small farms in the USA, as if we all owned them. Why do we feel that they are our farms? And if we feel so much ownership in them, why don’t we get our hands dirty investing in and protecting them?

“Our” farms are in crisis.

Our farms have been in crises since the begging of the new world population on this continent.


Mission: San Juan Capistrano

Africa 2013

Night Train
Africa 2013

Africa 2013

Kitchen Offerings

Africa 2013

The miracle of the “Swallows” of Capistrano takes place each year at
Mission San Juan Capistrano, on March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day.

In 1812 the roof of the Great Stone Church collapsed during an earthquake
leavingan open air terrace.


Fairy Tale Clouds are Real

During a late summer trip to Big Bear Lake, CA, these clouds were slowly drifting over this diminishing lake where a flock of white pelicans found refuge on a shallow mound in the center. I have not changed the clouds in any way except to balance the lighting and saturation in LightRoom.

Fairytale Clouds

Same scene different vision.

Fairy Tale Lake 2