Oregon Coast




Cliffs at the Oregon coast

Cliffs at the Oregon coast

While it may be cold, windy and stormy much of the time at the Oregon coast, you can’t beat the scenery for spectacular views, wildlife and nature scenes.



Collage @ Sunset Beach

From my Android…no, not my robot, just my phone and a little collage app called Collage Maker Pro, which I would enjoy more if they didn’t have so many popups repeatedly nagging me to…I don’t know what, buy it again? Buy their other apps which will also keep bugging me with pop-up adds about “Getting an awesome new career at X collage…” instead of letting me enjoy their product. Hey, I would pay a lot more for a great app that didn’t annoy me and was managed well, but I’ve got two degrees and a great career. I suppose I’m not their intended target market, but that’s their mistake. Focusing on a great product instead of fidgeting a so-so one then trying to pad their pockets with ad pennies is selling oneself short instead of being the best they can be.  It’s coming from a place of lacking, of fearing one won’t get enough of the rising dough. It will always leave them hungry for more because they will never get enough satisfaction with that mentality. I’m just saying…

Beach winter walk Sunset Beach 1_150

Seal Beach Shops

Seal Beach, CA is one of those quaint little beach towns that you just can’t get enough of. Though it’s small, the variety of restaurants range from diner, burrito/margarito, Italian, wait for an hour brunch to Thai and they’re all great! They even have a very naughty dessert shop that you can smell before you even see it. Me and my boogie boarding buddy ALWAYS go in and NEVER buy anything. The sweet decedent scents are so overwhelming, that we feel completely satisfied to just inhale deeply and boldly walk away…well nearly. I’m not saying that it doesn’t take every ounce of our willpower combined, it does, but that makes it all the sweeter to know we are powerful against the peanut-butter chocolate caramel ewwyy gooy Ohh Ohhh bars.

Above are pics of eye candy goo-ga from a couple of the beachy touristy shops. Pretty unique stuff really, but living on the beach is a big blessing that infuses one with the  Small – Minimalist – Intense – Living – Entertainment… the SMILE is worth every penny we pay for our 1 bd apts and rooftop shacks! Like all of Manhattan is every Manhattanite’s living room: Every beach, ocean, desert trail, poppy field and beach town are our playgrounds.

This one’s for you N!

A Beachy Vacation

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold Scrapbooking is a great way to save your vacation and other images into published books.

Since I’ve switched to digital scrapbooking and printed photobooks, I’ve never looked back or had any regrets. I tried real scrapbooking for a minute, but found it too time consuming, expensive and restrictive compared to my eclectic preferences for design.

Beachy Vacation Cover

Beachy Vacation Cover

For these composits I used stock images by Marek Bernat and Sam LeVan, respectively, for the people images.

I take a lot of images that are specifically for the element and not as a beautiful composition. With these I can easily make composites using shells, sticks, seaweed,  seagulls, even waves, skys, though I most often use full images for the backgrounds.

Hermosa Sunset

Sunset over Hermosa Beach, CA


  • taking in a vibrant sunset
  • surfing, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, kitsurfing
  • swimming, boating, sailing
  • exercising & playing; walking, jogging, yoga, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc. etc. etc.
  • fishing
  • photography
  • people watching
  • soaking in the sun
Lifeguards making the rounds at sunset

Lifeguards making the rounds at sunset

If you’ve  never been to the beaches in California, they are great playgrounds for singles, couples and families to visit. Though the sanitized and boardwalk beaches aren’t my favorites when it comes to beautiful scenery, they are great for everything else.

Chilly Day on the Beach

Don’t believe all California beaches are warm all the time…

A chilly day at the beach

A chilly day at the beach

However, they are most of the time!

Cold day at the marina

Cold day at the marina

And then there is auto-art or bathroom art to be specific. These public bathrooms had very little to recommend them; no doors and only 3.5 foot walls, but there was this great art!

Race Car Bathroom art at the beach

Race Car Bathroom art at the beach