Jurassic Park?

20141115_3067-jurassic-park-balboa-park20141115_3070_jurassic_park20141115_3072_jurassic_parkNot quite, but close!

Balboa Park, in San Diego California, not only has museums of art and photography, but they also have historic gardens with ancient and strange plants from many types of habitats from desert to tropical.

When you walk through this particular secluded forest, it looks and feels like you’ve been transported back to a Jurassic-like era.

http://www.dictionary.comdenoting, or formed in the second period of the Mesozoic era, between the Triassic and Cretaceous periods, lasting for 55 million years during which dinosaurs and ammonites flourished. noun. 2. the Jurassic, the Jurassic period or rock system. C19: from French jurassique, after the Jura (Mountains)


Photography as Therapy

I find that the drive to capture images is greater than my natural tendencies towards introversion and slothsomness.

Beautiful fences are still just fences.

Beautiful fences are still just fences.so

I wanted this scene to look like a backdrop. There isn’t much to it, but I loved the colors and simplicity.

This is as it appears to be, out in the middle of nowhere. Yet the area was also teaming with life, plants, insects, animals…tourists. With the poppies and other wild flowers in bloom for a very short time, tourists, photographers and families show up by the thousands to walk through the nature preserve, which seems desolate at first glance except for the gently rolling hislls with millions of brilliant poppy flowers. On the poppy preserve the flowers are lemon yellow, but off the preserve the poppies are a rich orange color. What I find amazing is the toughness of these seemingly delicate flowers. The wind is constantly tearing through the valley with few impediments to slow it, making standing still enough to take a clear image a challenge. The night before my visit there was a rare thunderstorm bringing even rarer buckets of rain. Yet, the small, unassuming poppies are tough as nails and actively adaptive like animated life forms. They close up during foul weather and open to the full heat of the desert sun, unburned by the harsh heat and untorn by the even harsher and relentless desert winds carrying skin stinging sands.

I would liken myself to a poppy flower, but as I was sunburned and sand stung. I am, evidently, not as tough as a flower.


not a desert flower

If you are interested in visiting the poppy reserve…

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

15101 Lancaster Rd
CA 93536
(661) 724-1180