Blur: Today’s WP Writing Prompt

Blur indicates depth and movement and intrigue. Blur creates a more complex scene by drawing the eye in and around an image, taking the eye on a visual journey and hopefully provoking open ended questions and intrigue for the onlooker.


background blur with a hint of foreground blur


Mostly Blur:  Two degrees of blur. The darker leaves on the right are less blurred than the full background blur. Mostly and even completely blurred images are great for cards and stationery, making the text pop. Abstract wall art imbues a room with color and texture, perhaps highlighting unique furnishings or splashing large colorful focal points in an otherwise monochrome room.

Autumn Forest

Foreground blur creates depth and a partial frame.

Blur is a fundamental quality that changes a photograph from a snapshot to visual art. We often think about blur in a photograph as an undesirable quality and it often is if the blur doesn’t have a purpose. Blur is my favorite drive when photographing, especially macro or close-up objects, such as flowers, bugs and plants…as well as animals, landscapes, portraits, food…well, I guess I’m going to list just about everything. That’s how important blur is in photography.

Diaganol Focal Points

Big Sur – California

Creating a diagonal focal point and including the beautifully textured tree bark as well as the fence pulls the eye into and away from the photographer, keeping the eye moving around the image, to the hillside and to Big Sur’s frothy emerald water. The slight tree branch focused and hanging into the top right frame also brings the eye into the Big Sur basin.

Spirit Horse

Spirit Horse: A native American medicine man gave me this beautiful white horse. Unfortunately I have nowhere to keep a horse, so it is my horse in spirit.

Blur makes for complex and interesting photographs.

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