Art Bus

long beach bus by Sunday Market FINAL

Fantastic Bus Art

Auto art at its best.

This fantastic bus was parked outside the Long Beach, farmer’s market 4/2013.
I can only imagine how interesting the owners/occupants must be.
I imagine they’re on a fabulous road trip.



June Moonshine 2012 Year of the Dragon

April MoonShine

June MoonShine 2012, Year of the Dragon

I was enjoying the warmth of the sun on a cool June evening as it entered my home from the patio. I imagined it as a view of all the possible views; ocean, land and sky. There are a few hidden elements that I did not include intentionally. Under the stool is an iconic image of a dragon, 2012 being the year of the dragon.  Also, I did not notice the bright light emanating from the palm of my right hand until after I finished the project.  I am a LightWorker and I use my right hand for the active, hands-on work. The sunset and cloud were an image I took, then overlaid on to the image of the ocean and cliffs in the distance. I used 6 images to make this composit.






A Beachy Vacation

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold Scrapbooking is a great way to save your vacation and other images into published books.

Since I’ve switched to digital scrapbooking and printed photobooks, I’ve never looked back or had any regrets. I tried real scrapbooking for a minute, but found it too time consuming, expensive and restrictive compared to my eclectic preferences for design.

Beachy Vacation Cover

Beachy Vacation Cover

For these composits I used stock images by Marek Bernat and Sam LeVan, respectively, for the people images.

I take a lot of images that are specifically for the element and not as a beautiful composition. With these I can easily make composites using shells, sticks, seaweed,  seagulls, even waves, skys, though I most often use full images for the backgrounds.

Standing Stone

How Do You Move a 340-Ton Piece of Artwork?

LA_photo_show_giant rock_6x9x150_3470

Very carefully of course!

This granite boulder from the Stone Valley Quarry was moved to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 60 miles away.  Nine nights traveling through the crowded metropolis at six miles an hour was quite a feat considering the pebble was 21-foot-high and 340 tons. It’s difficult to appreciate the size of this stone until you view the video of it crawling down the LA streets. More Photos »

So, I thought I should stand under it.