A New Year Morning Run

It was a foggy morning. Chilly yet still and perfectly silent. So I Went back to bed for an extra hour. Finally, by 9:30 a.m. the fog lifted enough to run. It’s not that I don’t want to run in the fog, but there aren’t enough people on the beach for me to feel reasonably safe. Sad but true. Not that Long Beach has any reputation of being dangerous, like Santa Monika peer has become, but still, there are random homeless people here and there sometimes.

It’s always colder in my place than it is outside, so I slipped on my Nike long-sleeve over my t-shirt. Velcrowed my tiny key pouch onto a running shoe and set out with my ActivityTracker turned on. No Power Beats. I enjoy being in the moment: listening to the seagulls screeching, half a dozen in chase to steal a morsal from rgw the poor guy flying his/her heart-out to save his hard won tidbit of edible god-only-knows-what. Dog Beach is a shot of vitamin B and happiness in one. The dogs are having such a great time. Some are just sniffing, trying to figure out the other dogs. Others have been here many time and jump joyfulling into the waves to retrieve their soggy tennis ball…for the 20th time. For dogs, the beach is a ball!

The sound of the waves is hypnotizing in a relaxing way that I can’t get from music, not even from Enya…though her music is hypnotically uplifting and wonderful in other ways. Another perk, just watching other people relax, play with their dogs and kids, chat with loved ones… is very uplifting. I don’t have to be the subject of the attention to benefit from it. Enjoy!

(Dog shots later)



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