Bzzzzz be kind to bees

One of the most disturbing crises in
the world is growing unnoticed

Some people might even be happy about it. If you have ever been stung by a bee, you’re probably cautious and shoo them away. If you have been stung many times, you may have little love for them. However, our existence depends on bees.

Africa 2013

Bees at Big Bear Lake California

For several years, the science world seemed stumped by this conundrum. There were studies and research and excellent documentaries filmed, yet all of the data seemed to have left researchers unable to solve the mystery of why bees kept dying out by the millions, great hive die-outs, beekeepers loosing entire bee businesses.

I watched bee documentaries as if I were watching horror movies

And so should you. Without enough bees, our fruit and vegetable industries will also die-out. One documentary focused on a pear orchard in China. The bees in the area vanished. Pear trees rely on bees pollinating their blossoms in order for them to turn in to a fruit. The decades old family pear business relied on hand pollinating the blossoms, not something the younger generation was interested in, nor could the venerable generation do it all alone. At 68.84 Chinese Yuan, $10 US per pear, it is easy to see how that would not be a sustainable family business. Now, multiply that by a worldwide crisis. It’s in progress.

For any meat eaters who don't care about vegetables or fruits

…what will the ranchers feed their cows, chickens and hogs?

We don’t often notice what’s not there, but think back to your childhood and how many bees tormented you while playing in your yard. How many have you seen in your yard and neighborhood lately? Pay attention. You won’t see many.

If you pay any attention at all to the food or flower industries, you can probably guess what’s killing millions of bees every day… (Take a moment to consider this), It’s obvious. Farming industries around the world depend on pesticides to kill insects from ruining their crops. Well, bees are insects. Millions of bees are delivered around the US in huge trucks to farms that don’t have enough bees for their crops. These farms use pesticides, which is one of the reasons why they don’t have their own bees. The portable bee keeper businesses have unwittingly delivered their little soldiers to their own deaths, then they scratch their head wondering: How did this happen? Isn’t it obvious?

What are we going to do about it?

Easy fix

Every farm from small family farms to huge commercial farms should be required to maintain their own bee hives onsite. This would require a pesticide-free and largely chemical-free farming process. Does this seem like too much to do to save the bees and the Earth…our existence? If this sounds dramatic to you, go ahead, do your own research then pass on what you’ve discovered.