save our farms

Africa 2013

New England Farm 2014

Our small farms are struggling.

I find myself automatically saying, “our” farms whenever I’m speaking or writing about the small farms in the USA, as if we all owned them. Why do we feel that they are our farms? And if we feel so much ownership in them, why don’t we get our hands dirty investing in and protecting them?

“Our” farms are in crisis.

Our farms have been in crises since the begging of the new world population on this continent.


save the world: shop your local farmers’ markets!

Zuccini Flowers

Zuccini Flowers

Every dollar you spend at your local farmers’ market is a vote that you prefer your food chemical-free.

Crisp Corn

Crisp Corn

When you support your local farmers and their families, you are supporting your own family in the healthiest way.

Colorful Heirloom Tomatoes

Colorful Heirloom Tomatoes

If you care about Earth’s sustainability and our future food resources, you’ll go out of your way to support the people who are working hard to bring you unpolluted, fresh and wholesome produce, meat, eggs, flowers and a variety of other wonderful items you can’t get at the mall.



Pacific Crest Trail CA

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Early autumn in the high mountain desert near Big Bear Lake, CA. It was early autumn, the cacti had bloomed, dried and fallen to the pebbly ground. Many other wild flowers, late bloomers, were still in full display.

The trail-head is difficult to find. The only marker is a very small government sign on a post partially covered by tree branches. The road’s name has been changed, and GPS will not get you there. The best way to find it is to know it’s just before the garbage dump, really, on the left as you drive toward the dump on the narrow road. I highly recommend this hike as it has beautiful views, a plethora of lush plant life, small creatures, and the colors and textures are intoxicating.

Auto Nastalgia

Africa 2013

I’m not really interested in cars in general, but for some reason I find old cars fascinating. There’s something about them that evokes a sense of nestalgia even though they were made long before I was born.

Living in Southern California, at the beach has brought this to my attention as there are so many of them from so many eras and many are in excellent condition. The car above I shot in New Hampshire, but I plan to shoot a collection in SoCal.