Kitchen Utensils

I snapped these shots with my phone at a restaurant in Irvine, CA. Never under-estimate the power and fun, of the phone for capturing great imagery. Having said that, I realize how weird that sounds…at least for my generation who grew up with rotary and eventually, cutting edge push-button phones. These phones did one thing only. They allowed us to make telephone calls. Well, there was one other thing that made them interesting. At my grandparent’s home, they still had a “party line”, which meant that more than one household shared the same connection. This meant that you could pick up the phone and listen to other people’s conversations. I was very young when I tried this a couple of time. Some how the other party knew I was listening: probably because I was breathing into the receiver while trying not to laugh.

Kitchen utinsils 138790 Rule of 3rds frame

Kitchen utinsils 2 138790 Rule of 3rds frame


Underworld Faces

Well, I was bored one day…so, I found a few bad pics of faces that I had taken, so I decided to distort them for entertainment before I deleted them. I can’t say I love them, but they are…unusual.

Don’t be disturbed by the vaguely evil look the baby is giving. It was never really a baby. Just a friend making a face that looks like a potentially scary baby.