A Beachy Vacation

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold

A Beachy Vacation Centerfold Scrapbooking is a great way to save your vacation and other images into published books.

Since I’ve switched to digital scrapbooking and printed photobooks, I’ve never looked back or had any regrets. I tried real scrapbooking for a minute, but found it too time consuming, expensive and restrictive compared to my eclectic preferences for design.

Beachy Vacation Cover

Beachy Vacation Cover

For these composits I used stock images by Marek Bernat and Sam LeVan, respectively, for the people images.

I take a lot of images that are specifically for the element and not as a beautiful composition. With these I can easily make composites using shells, sticks, seaweed,  seagulls, even waves, skys, though I most often use full images for the backgrounds.


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