Lighting Lighting Lighting

LA Museum of Art 2015_photo_show_1_3536
I could have fixed the distortion here, but in this image it works.
I also gave it a lot of extra space as that was the feel of the room.
Certainly I could have stamped out the guest in the back, but the
blurred, ghost look charmed me, so I left it in. It was a lucky
coincidence that the person was aligned perfectly between the
display and description on the wall.

L.A. Museum of Art


At the library


Update 1 year and 1 month later: I took these pics last year with my, then, new camera, a Nikon D53 with a 350 zoom. I have to say I am very impressed with these pics even a year later. They were the first pics I took.  I added and edited the soft, glowy effects in camera. I had never done this before and frankly, had no interest, but I am fan now!

Not an actual library, but a quaint if not a bit dowdy, coffee shop in Long Beach. I love everything about this coffee shop…except the coffee and the food. It’s a nice sized place with many seating areas scattered with antique/retro furnishings, outdoor seating and even book shelves with used books for borrowing or leaving.

quaint seating 1

Standing Stone

How Do You Move a 340-Ton Piece of Artwork?

LA_photo_show_giant rock_6x9x150_3470

Very carefully of course!

This granite boulder from the Stone Valley Quarry was moved to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 60 miles away.  Nine nights traveling through the crowded metropolis at six miles an hour was quite a feat considering the pebble was 21-foot-high and 340 tons. It’s difficult to appreciate the size of this stone until you view the video of it crawling down the LA streets. More Photos »

So, I thought I should stand under it.