New England Medley

A little of this…a little of that: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Seasonal travel in search or autumnal colors is a great way to explore new territories.

Upper left: view from a graveyard looking across a glassy river.
Flower: The 3rd week in September in NE should have been chilly, but it was 80 degrees all week and rained the day we returned to sunny California.
Tombstone: An old graveyard with a lone tombstone, tipped from the tree roots,  peers from under an overgrown tree.
An historic late home from the late 1700’s, in Taftsville, across the road from the covered bridge and a stones throw from the corner merchant store. Incredibly quaint neighborhood. I should have spent 3 hours just shooting there.

NE_Images_Framed imgs 1FX

..and some more…



Old barns: there’s a reason why they are clichés…

What is it about old barn imagery that intrigues us?

We love them just as we love visions of autumn leaves. There are millions of multicolored leaves hanging on the breath of an autumn moment before they turn brown and crumble to join the indistinguishable brown soil beneath our feet…and yet, so many of us love the uniqueness of each one.

These leaves hadn’t quite turned so we kept heading farther north towards Canada from Conway, NH.

New_Eng_2627_old barn_6x9x100