Monkey Mind – Out of Africa

This particular image is from Michael Kitahara’s trip to southern Africa July 2013. This year, July 2014, right now, he is in northern Africa on a photoshoot. This years target is to get even better animal shots as well as more cultural and people shots. I haven’t heard from him for a week and only three times since he left nearly three weeks ago, but I trust he is well and enjoying himself immensely! Wish I were there. Maybe next year.

I loved this monkey as it was just lounging, apparently, thoughtfully studying Michael as he shot off a few pics of this serious guy.

I realized after looking closer this individual seems to have breasts, so it’s probably a gal that had a baby…hopefully grown enough to be away.

A sober discussion man to monkey.

A sober discussion man to monkey.

 This pop-out technique is one I learned to do in Photoshop.

I wanted to do something more colorful with this image so I framed it with an African sunset from the same safari and embellished it with a frame etc.

Serious Monkey Serious Sunset

Serious Monkey Serious Sunset

The sunset framing this image is stunning.

African Sunset 2013


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